Films in Bengali are generally shot in West Bengal. The Bengalese cinema is presented by such authoritative directors as Satyadzhit Ry, Ritvik Gkhatak and Mrinal Seong. Having begun bollywood movies watch online it is possible to allocate a picture of the director Rituparno Gkhosh "Grain of sand" with Aishwarya Rai in a leading role. In Bengali the fantastic movies and pictures touching social subjects are also issued. In 1993 57 movies in Bengali were made. History of Bengalese cinema began in the 1890th years when at movie theaters of Calcutta the first bioskopy pictures were shown. For the next decade the director Hiralal Seong inspired by movies of the Victorian era created the Royal Bioscope Company and opened a number of movie theaters in Calcutta - Star Theatre, Minerva Theatre, Classic Theatre. In 1932 for Bengalese cinema the name "Tollivud" (English Tollywood, by analogy with Hollywood), according to the name of the district of the southern Calcutta Tollygunge which at that time was the center of the film industry was thought up. Later similarly began to call also other centers of the film industry of India.