The well-known Bollywood surprises with quantity and the budget of pictures. Fans of his creativity definitely do not feel deprived: they can bollywood movies watch online free of charge though every day. Directors of India are guided by entertaining function of cinema. Here on the first place magnificent scenery, beautiful performers of male and female roles and also sentimentality of plots are put. Such stories are very emotional, they are capable to cause a storm of mixed feelings in all audience. The difference only that someone cries over the bitter fate of heroes, and someone laughs at naivety of the represented events. Talented directors create worthy masterpieces which are given awards at the most representative world film festivals. In such pictures there is a good portion of realism and demonstration of burning current issues. Though nobody argues that it is always pleasant to watch the Indian film in the best traditions of musical melodramas. There are a lot of beautiful mass dances, fascinating rhythmical movements, effective suits and vigorous actors.