Movies in traditional understanding are vital fairy tales which represent a colourful, fascinating, but at the same time and cautionary story which for a long time remains in memory. Plots are constructed that the good does not cease to fight against the evil, but as a result wins: strong, courageous, noble heroes overthrow the corrupted politicians, greedy landowners and industrialists and also law enforcement authorities with bents of sadists. Most of people begins bollywood movies 2012 watch online and understands that this show, is similar to theatrical performances, a product for the mass use. But they do not cease to bewitch, surprise and please the audience who with pleasure reconsider kind stories, steadily rejoicing to the fact that the grief is always succeeded by joy. In spite of the fact that love stories are exaggerated, executed the funny moments, they want to be trusted - all this attracts the viewer even more. Viewing of movies - a good way to have a rest really from cares, to distract from problems. The stories shown on the screen help to look at own problems on the other hand, to see in them positive.