In the Indian movies there is what not to find in movies of foreign production. This cinema in which the drama, emotions strained to a limit, incendiary music, bright dances, the colourful picture before eyes is combined. All these elements merge together from what it is impossible to tear off a look. Therefore bollywood movies 2016 watch online free of charge with pleasure will judges of good cinema. Generally plots are simple, sometimes with naivety notes. But they still submit minds, hearts of the people who did not forget to dream, to believe in good, beautiful love. Every year there are admirers belonging with deep feeling of respect for spectacular products of Bollywood more and more. Now there is a fine opportunity to look through favourite movies several times, without expecting display on TV, without eliciting at friends of a videotape with doubtful quality of record. With a sinking heart you will watch how events on the screen are developed. Who will remain indifferent to eternal love which constantly something disturbs, there are infinite barriers? Or to the hero obsessed with the idea of blood feud? Here the relations, a way to happiness, overcoming tragedies, melancholy for the past come out on top. There are philosophical notes displaying the world, events in it from a different angle.